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Hello beautiful people, it has been 2 weeks now since I launched my blog and so much has happened already that I can't wait to tell you more about. Exciting future travel plans have been made, beautiful experiences have been shared and cities as well as places have been discovered. There are lots of topics I want to write about talking holistic well-being, wellness & self care in the future. I will dive into that in upcoming blogposts, but for now I wanted to tell you about last weekend's little get-away with one of my besties Jasmin .♥

We stayed at a wellness hotel we were invited to by this eco travel agency Green Pearls.  They are all about sustainable development in the travel sector which I think is simply amazing and something more hotel booking platforms should focus on. Our time at Seeschlößchen has been nothing but precious and I feel beyond grateful that I got to spend some time with a loved one at this beautiful place. It is a wellness hotel focusing on holistic health prevention and different natural treatments that nourish your body and soul. Δ

Here's a little recap of our time, what we were up to and what I took from it personally.


Let's talk all things wellness

What we did


When we arrived at Seeschlößchen on Saturday in the afternoon, we were welcomed with orange juice and a guided tour around the hotel. Yes, a tour - which was much needed as the hotel was way bigger than we expected it to be in the first place. The wellness area was huge with plenty of different saunas and an indoor as well as an outdoor hotel pool (nothing wrong with an outdoor pool, I bet it's quite nice and extremely refreshing in summer, but well, you guessed it... we didn't make use of it since it's winter and freaking cold). ❄ After the tour, we went to our room, a Wellness Room Deluxe with a big balcony and a view into nature. The first thing I noticed when we went into the room was it's size (it was huge (!), at least for only 2 people) and SO cozy. Like really.

We felt home from the very first second.

The interior made us feel like spending our wellness weekend somewhere in the mountains, on a ski vacay or something. We spent the first evening trying out all different kinds of saunas the hotel has to offer whilst snacking on vegan protein bars. (Honestly you guys, if you have never tried out the RawBite Protein Flavor, do yourself a flavor and get your hands on one. It will change your life. You bought 3? Even better, they won't last you long. Trust me). Yep, that's my idea of a perfect Saturday night. Good company, good food and relaxation. I seriously couldn't have asked for more. After all the heat & relaxation, we were so tired that we fell asleep immediately. No need to say that our bed has been the most comfortable one I've ever slept in at a hotel so far.  H e a v e n . ✶

Wellness & Self Care Sunday

We literally slept like babies but still got up at around 8am on Sunday morning since we wanted to go to the Yoga Studio which was located in a cute little tower with a view over the entire hotel and lots of trees. So beautiful!


We did some stretches, took a few pictures and went into the hotel restaurant straight afterwards where we enjoyed the most delicious vegan breakfast ever. Talking lots of fresh fruit, müsli with soy yoghurt, bread with guacamole and other plant based spreads, freshly pressed fruit & veggie juices and the creamiest soy cappuccinos you could possibly get at a hotel. What could you ask for more? That's what I call wellness food at it's best.

After a super cozy and delicious breaky, we decided to stay inside all day since it was extremely cold and windy outside. So we put our oversized gowns on (yep, we looked pretty darn cute) and went to all different kinds of saunas. In between, we took a dip in the hotel pool, sipped on coffee and munched on apples, read a book in the hotel's own library (now how cool is that?! Can you tell how excited we were #suchbookworms) and took a super long and hot shower. Later on in the evening, we got ourselves ready for our 5-course vegan dinner at the restaurant. Normally, it doesn't offer a vegan meal but (!) since we sent them an email beforehand and asked for a vegan menu, they were so kind to prepare something special for us.

Additional advice for vegan travelers

This is something I can only recommend to everyone who stays at a hotel and isn't able to make their own food whilst traveling. Always reach out to the hotel you will be staying at 2 weeks before your arrival. Let them know that you are following a vegan diet and tell them about certain allergies you might have. You will be surprised how kind people react and for my personal experience, I can clearly say that most cooks actually enjoyed getting a little bit more creative in the kitchen and creating a vegan meal (or, like in our case, a full onplant based 5-course-menu). When I stayed at a hotel in Portugal with my mum about 2 years ago, the kitchen chef even saw it as a little challenge/ experiment and created a 3-course vegan dinner for us every single night although we didn't even ask for it. We just asked for some soy milk for breakfast. Sometimes, you get way more than you asked for, so never be afraid to let the people at the hotel know.

What we ate


Honestly you guys: the food was so. on. point. Everyone who watched my story on my Instagram that evening gets what I am talking about. We enjoyed the creamiest pumpkin-soy yoghurt-soup as a starter, followed by sweet potato puree served with silken tofu on a bed of veggies (everyone who knows me well  realizes at this point that these are already my all time fave foods after only 2 courses). But believe me, it's getting even better. After a little refresher aka beetroot-sorbet (I didn't even know this is a thing, but we couldn't complain since it was the best sorbet we've ever had so far), we got sweet potato gnocchi (literally heaven), again served with delicious veggies and coconut-chia pudding with blueberries for dessert. Yes, exactly.

Chia pudding. My favorite dessert in the world.

Made with creamy coconut milk? We were  b l o w n  a w a y . Our tummies were really really happy that evening, that's for sure. And so were our tastebuds. High vegan cuisine at it's best. Big thanks to the person who was talented enough to ship us straight into vegan heaven. Wellness for mind, body and soul.

What I learned

On Monday morning, we slept in and packed our suitcases since we headed back to Berlin on that day. After another epic breakfast, it was time to say good bye to this wonderful place. We went down a little path outside of the hotel to a lake where we soaked in some fresh air and spend a few more minutes in nature. I feel like this always does wonders to my rushing mind and instantly calms me.


Let me know in the comments what you happy place is where you instantly feel calmer and more grounded. I would love to know!

The team of Seeschlößchen was so kind to even offer us a transfer back to the train station. From there, we made our way back to Berlin where we spent the rest of the day eating at two of our favorite places and spent some quality time with friends. By the way, a Berlin Food Guide is coming soon for everyone of you who has already asked, going online in January so stay tuned!

This little weekend getaway has truly recharged my batteries and brought me so much clarity.

I showed me how important it is to unplug from time to time, be with your friends without looking at your phone every hour. How much it nurtures my soul to be creative, take pictures, edit them & write meaningful captions for you guys. At the same time, is so good to just lean back and literally do nothing from every now and then. When we sat in the sauna on Sunday, deeply and consciously breathing in & out, I meditated.

I felt so very happy in the present moment I was in. I felt alive. ◊

Mind, Body and Soul aligned.

Wellness & Self Care

I truly hope that slow Sundays will become a part of my weekly routine in the future. It's all about managing your time wisely throughout the week so you actually get to relax and unwind on weekends. At the moment, my weekends are packed with work. I am currently trying to improve my time management on week days (currently reading heaps of books on that topic, so if you are interested in this as well, let me know in the comments and I will write a time management post with my top tips that already save me several hours a week & the ones I am currently incorporating into my life), trying to figure out a routine and a schedule that actually works for me and my work load. I am aiming for a 35 hour work week (currently it's 50+ hours). It's all about finding balance during extremely busy or even stressful times. Here are the go-to-tips that I personally like following whenever I feel quite overwhelmed and like I can't properly keep up with everything any more.

Action Steps

  • meditating and breathing in and out very slowly, consciously & deeply for around 1-2 minutes until your breath becomes slower naturally

  • making yourself a cup of your favorite tea (mine is this one) lighting up a candle (I love the ones by Pacifica, they are 100% natural and made out of soy wax) listening to some calming music and getting inspired by pictures on Instagram/ Pinterest for a few minutes before going back to work → this clears my mind and helps me boost both my creativity & motivation

  • going on a 10-20 min walk outside in nature without my phone - just listening to the sound of what is around me

  • talking to a friend on the phone for a few minutes just to lift up my mood before continuing with my to-do-list

  • doing some light yoga and stretching (especially my neck and back) for a couple of minutes

  • journaling for 5 minutes every morning and evening for 5-7 minutes (for this, I use my Happiness Planner) just to get all my thoughts, emotions & things to take care of out of my head and see more clearly again

Would you guys also be interested in a little life update? If so, let me know, and I will work something out for you. So much is going on at the moment and I can't wait to tell you about all my plans for the upcoming 3 months (Dec-Feb.). I am hella excited! So many plans, ideas and projects are buzzing around my head - I am SO ready for 2018! I have a feeling it is going to be the best one of my life so far!

I hope you enjoyed this litte recap of our get-away and got inspired to take some time off more often as well - to reflect, read, meditate, stretch, listen, unplug, socialize, breathe, go outside and just  b e . If you haven't already, definitely make sure to check out my LA Travel Diary about the time I spent in this city last September. / Thank you to GreenPealrs for inviting us to this beautiful hotel. As always, all opinions expressed are unbiased and my own. /

Have a great start into the new week guys!If you made it all the way down here: Thank you. For reading. Commenting. Following along. For being part of this community. And, after all, for shining your light into this world. I appreciate you. So much.

Love & Light,


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