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“Every morning when we wake up, we have two options:

We can choose to continue sleeping with our dreams or we can wake up and chase them passionately and wholeheartedly. The choice is yours.”


Hey beautiful soul!

My name is Laura and I’m a spiritual life coach who decided to dedicate her life to empowering ambitious 20-somethings to remember who they truly are. 

Empowering women has been my passion for many years now and my favorite thing in the world is seeing others bloom up and help them grow into who they are truly meant to be.

I do this through techniques and tools I created or adapted over the course of the past 5 years. I teach my beautiful clients to reprogram their subconscious minds, fall in love with themselves & manifest a reality they are excited waking up to every single day.

Are you currently looking for guidance to deepen the relationship you have with yourself? Do you want to create a strong mindset combined with daily rituals + action steps to uncover your life purpose so you will be able to shine your light into this world?

Perfect. I’m here to help you do exactly that. 

Ready to elevate your life in 3-2-1? 

Alright, let’s do this!


Sister, I feel SO excited about you being here & having found our sacred online space! This is your go-to platform for gathering inspiration and motivation for all things holistic living, personal growth, manifestation and lifestyle design.

I created this website as well as my 12-week mentorship program and my podcast Elevate your life for badass women like YOU who aspire to become more of who they truly are. Women who are motivated to put in the work required for massive growth and who choose to show up for themselves every single day by prioritizing self-love and self-care rituals.

I am here to help you become more aware of all the magic that’s out there, waiting for you to level up and attract all those juicy & good things you can possibly think of! It’s about time for you to leap into the next version of yourself – that version you have always had in the back of your mind, but never allowed to come out, play and live a completely fulfilled and abundant life!

Whether you are feeling stuck in your current life situation and want to make a major change or you already feel comfortable with where you are at but know that there is more out there waiting for you & want to experience a life beyond your comfort zone –  you are in exactly the right place.


I have committed myself 3 years ago to show up and remind my fellow sisters out there of who they truly are – and my mission is to not stop until YOU are that badass version of yourself you know you can possibly be if you committed to the inner work.

This journey of becoming more of who you truly are requires deep inner work, and that’s what I am here to do for you; to guide you on your journey, cheer you up when life feels hard and constantly remind you of the power you hold within yourself. 

Transformation always requires a process of release & letting go to make space for the NEW, the REAL YOU!

Once you have freed yourself from everything that’s currently holding you back, you are ready to step into your full power and play the game of life in a way YOU please. 

Because fact is: there are no rules when it comes to living life.

Obviously, there are values like kindness, honesty and compassion you want to stick to, but you are entirely free to create and be who and what you want to be. You have the opportunity & power to create your own reality and follow your own rules – a life by your very own design. 

10 years ago, I chose to re-create my identity from scratch. It’s been a mad journey, that’s for sure. It took me heaps of shadow work, inner child healing and getting brutally honest with myself to uncover all those not so pretty parts of myself that I wanted to let go of, but damn was it worth it.

If this speaks to you, I want to invite you to go on your journey back to yourself with me. You are here for a reason and this reason might be that your time has come to finally step up for yourself and immerse yourself fully in a journey back to who you truly are

If you feel ready to elevate your life and become the happiest, healthiest, most aligned and confident version of yourself, I promise we’re going to have an amazing time together.

I’m a huge believer that you can have, be and do ANYTHING that your heart desires. I believe it… simply because I just did it. And created a vision, tapped into the energetic vibration of that reality and took massive action. I had faith, devoted myself to the inner and outer work and didn’t stop until my dream became my status quo.

I’ve experienced the results of shifting my mindset firsthand and I feel stoked to show you how to do it yourself. You see, I believe in the power of the universe, in intrinsic motivation & the power of manifestation combined with the power of action.


Ready? let’s turn your dreams into reality, sister!


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