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Here are some of my hand-selected, favorite books that have helped me to completely shift my mindset and thus,
transform my reality over the course of the past 7 years.

Ready for a mind-blow? Enjoy reading!



productivity journal.jpg

The Productivity Planner 》

Without this planner, I would be lost in my to-dos. This planner makes setting priorities so much easier.


The Five-Minute Journal 》

This journal is my little sanctuary. It helps me check-in with myself every morning and every evening.


The affirmation manifesto


The Affirmation Manifesto is a booklet I created for YOU as a part of the MindBodySoulFam with the intention of enabling you to actively work on shifting your mindset from lack to abundance – in every single aspect of your life.

Download it 》


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daily supplements

Vitamin B12 》

Vitamin D3 》

Vitamin K2 》

Iron 》

Skin – Hair - Nails 》

As one of my community members, you receive 10% off with the code ‘lauraherde10’ at checkout.



The Onlineshop YourSuperFoods is amazing when it comes to offering a variety of different organic superfood mixes that boost your health and are good for your body by providing it with all the different vitamins and nutrients it needs for optimal performance.

As one of my community members, you get 15% off your order with the code ‘LAURA15’ at checkout.

YSF Matcha Bowl !.jpg

Energy Bomb 》

✼ Boost your energy levels for up to 8 hours
✼ A great healthy alternative to coffee
✼ 5 energizing superfoods in 1 mix - no additives!
✼ 1 spoonful = 1 cup of coffee


Power Matcha 》

✼ Optimizes your focus and productivity
✼ High in antioxidants and natural caffeine
✼ 5 brain-boosting superfoods in 1 mix - no additives!
✼ 1 spoonful = 1 cup of coffee + 1 portion of greens


Chocolate Lover 》

✼ Cure your cravings and boost your mood
✼ Great taste thanks to cacao, coconut and lucuma
✼ High in magnesium, zinc and essential fatty acids



VIVOLife 》

Even though following a balanced vegan diet provides you with all the nutrients your body needs, I am a huge believer of supporting all those renewal processes taking place in my physical home every single second of the day. Adding some extra goodness to your diet enhances your body’s natural ability to recover (which is what we want, right?).

That’s why I always make myself a protein shake after my workouts - I just mix the VivoLife banana, vanilla or blueberry flavor with almond milk - et voilà! :)

I also love supplementing Maca when I'm on my period for optimal hormonal balance (bye bye, pimples!).

Maca is not only a great natural supplement for clearing up your skin or gaining your menstruation back, but it also gives you an energy boost.

I love adding it to hot chocolate, smoothies and breakfast bowls.

Whenever I am feeling a bit low energy in the afternoon, VivoLife’s Matcha has my back. I mix it with a teaspoon of stevia and oat milk for the perfect creamy midday pick-me-up!

As one of my community members, you receive 10%off with the code ‘LAURA10’ at checkout.


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 coming soon…


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 Photo editing

Jolie Janine Presets

What I love the most about Janine’s presets is that they match the overall vibe of my feed so well and editing portrait / fashion / lifestyle pictures with them becomes so easy.

Since I started using her presets, my feed looks more “put together“ and I finally have a real “theme“ that is recognizable.

You can save 15% off with ‘LAURA15’ at check-out.

Desktop Collection 》

Mobile Collection 》

Marie Fe And Jake Snow

I love using the ultimate preset pack 1 & 2 for all of my travel pictures, especially shots taken by the beach or in the jungle - whenever I want to add some color and vibrance, these presets do an amazing job!

Their presets also give my pictures lots of structure and depth - two effects that I really love!

You can save 10% off with ‘LAURALOVE’ at check-out.

Ultimate Preset Pack 1 》

Ultimate Preset Pack 2 》

All things business

Mornign Routine 3.jpg

ConvertKit 》

For everyone who has their own online business and wants to grow their own email list, ConvertKit is an amazing tool that I can highly recommend!

In September 2018, I was struggling to set up my own newsletter with MailChimp, and it was only in December 2018 that I finally made the decision to switch over to a different newsletter host that would make sending out newsletters so much easier for me.

I couldn’t be happier about having made this decision as it was easy to transfer my subscriber base over to ConvertKit and finally start growing my email list in an easier way that felt so much more enjoyable!

If you want to join our email tribe and get inspired by what moves me on a regular basis, you can sign up right here.

Yes Supply 》

If you are thinking about becoming an empowerment coach as well, this online course might be the right fit for you!

I am currently going thorough this life coaching course by myself and really love it!

After completing this course, you will be a...

1. Certified Success Coach + Life Coach
2. Neuro- Linguistic Programming Practitioner
3. Time Techniques Practitioner
4. Clinical Hypnotherapist

You will also be able to apply & teach Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Sounds dope? Yeah, I think so too! Get a $500 discount by clicking here, and get certified!


Acuity Scheduling 》

As an online coach, I have to schedule multiple calls per week - with my clients, team members and collaboration partners.

I have been trying out different scheduling tools in the past and the one that has served me the most is Acuity.

You can check it out right here.