Write your own story.

Be bold. Stand Out. Do You.Write your own story.

Hey family,

it's been a while since the last time I have been sharing something with you on here. Because I have been writing my own story.

Over the course of the past 6 months, my life has drastically changed and evolved - as I did.Change has come in mostly very beautiful ways, but I have also been facing quite a few challenges that definitely made me reflect and question a lot - my priorities, my approach to life, the way I see challenges and how I deal with them.

Today, I want to share a few personal thoughts with you guys that have been on my mind for quite a while now and encourage you to write your own story.

My intention is to encourage you - to write your own story and take ownership over your life.If you have been feeling exhausted, caught up in your own head, or stuck in a situation that doesn't truly fulfill you lately - listen up.

This message is for you.

Taking full responsibility for your life can be scary and daunting sometimes - I know this feeling too well, as I have been dealing with the same issue 2 years ago.After all, when things go wrong, we don't really wanna come to realize that this has been something we have been either creating or attracting all by ourselves, right?This thought doesn't seem very comforting.But even though our egos always want to blame external circumstances or even, a higher power, for things not working out the way we want them to or people not acting the way we expect them to, there is still one truth that remains: 

We are the ones creating our own realities and writing our own stories.

Every thought we think, every word we speak, every decision we make and every action we take.We are fully responsible for what we create, attract and how we react to what life is throwing at us.


If you are currently struggling with claiming back your personal power and giving your life a different direction, I invite you to write these words down into your journal tonight:

I am consciously writing my own story by acting in alignment with my highest self.I am taking charge of my own life - every single day.I refuse to stay comfortable and always push my limits if required for my very own growth.I no longer strive to limit my challenges; instead, I consciously challenge my limits and old beliefs by questioning their truth.

See, I managed to get from a state of de-alignment, hopelessness and depression to a place of gratitude, surrender and bliss within one year. One year.

If I can do it, if i can write my own story, so can you.

It all starts with your self-belief and your approach to life.

Mindset is key.

Your thoughts create your reality.Trust me, I‘ve been there. I know what it feels like to be lower than low. Existing instead of taking charge and responsibly of my life and truly living.Claim your power back. You deserve all the abundance this infinite universe has to offer.I urge you: claim. back. your. power.

I am here to empower you to empower yourself. Let me be your mirror. If I can dedicate myself to turning my wildest dreams into reality, if I can claim back my mental & physical health, rebuild my identity from scratch, attract true friendships and create my career around my passion - so can you. I am no one special. Just a young girl with big dreams, and even bigger willpower.

2019 will be your year of transformation.Are you ready to elevate?



Life Update:

I am at peace. Fully arrived home within myself.I no longer rush through life.I no longer get anxious thinking about my never-ending to do list or where I might be a year from now.I am no longer wondering if I am doing enough.I am infinitely worthy of being alive, just by being me and shining my unique light into this world.I am blessed beyond measure.Never before in my life have I felt this amount of gratitude, of support and genuine energy around me.

It still blows my mind how quickly you can manifest your wildest visions and biggest dreams once you commit to putting yourself first in every single area of life. Once you start loving the heck out of yourself and practice self-compassion and patience.Life has been slowing me down throughout the past few months and that was when my business exploded and got onto a whole new level.

These days, I receive multiple interview requests, coaching applications and opportunities for big projects on a weekly (!) basis.It's still crazy to me how this universe we are living in works. BUT my core values have remained the same:I am still the girl who cares about animals and her closest friends & family more than anything else.I am still the girl who writes into her journal how grateful she is to have a strong sense of self-love, for the sun on her skin and the smile a stranger gave to her.I am still the girl who loves to give more than she receives.

Write your own story

My point is this: I will never take this life I have created for myself for granted. And I will never stop speaking my truth and doing my best to make a positive difference in people‘s lives.  I have worked very hard for this. For 5 years. During a time where everyone else around me was partying and spending money on short-term pleasures.You don't have to be like everybody else.And you can write your own story and do your own thing.

Ask yourself the following questions:How far have you already come this year?What did you do to get there?What is still missing? Where did you stay in your comfort zone?.What is living your best life, what is becoming your highest self worth to you?Are you willing to make a commitment?Are you willing to follow through even if things get uncomfortable?Are you willing to do whatever it takes?Yes? Awesome. Then you are already in the right mindset for massive growth & expansion.

See, by investing in growing yourself, you also invest intoyour happiness, your self-fulfillment, your overall well-being, a shortcut to becoming your highest self andyour ability of sharing your unique gifts with this wold.


Create your own dream life and write your own story

Do you want to make a change in your life, but don’t know where to begin? I am happy to guide you on this path.

If you desire to…

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…adopting a positive mindset

… learning to love yourself unconditionally

knowing your worth,

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Personal coaching

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Love & light,