Mindful Morning Routine For Happier Days


To me, mornings are crucial. They set the tone for a happy, positive, successful and productive day. We want to start into our days feeling relaxed and calm, not rushing through the front door 5 minutes after our alarm went off. To avoid feeling hectic and stressed out right after waking up, make sure to get up early enough. This way, you will be able to do all the things that put you into a good mood straight away. I personally like preparing for a smooth & easy start into a new day the night before. If you want me to also do a post on my evening-routine, let me know in the comments down below and I will do another post about that one soon. :-) But without any further rambling, let's move on to what my current morning routine looks like...


Before a productive and positive day starts...

Evening Routine

So what I like to do in the evenings after dinner is usually cleaning up the kitchen (nobody wants to enter a messy kitchen in the mornings!), making myself a cup of Pukka tea, going to my room and putting on some good music. I then already pick my clothes and hang them out on my yoga chair so I can put them on straight away in the morning and avoid decision fatigue this way. Since I am feeling more drawn to a minimalistic wardrobe (not capsule yet, but getting there!), I do not own too many clothes which is a huge time-saver. I also like preparing my breakfast the night before, usually either creamy vanilla protein chia pudding or soy curd mixed with vegan protein powder for some extra flavor. I'm gonna share a blogpost with my favorite break recipes soon, so stay tuned! I then clean up my desk, tidy up my room and write down my most important to do's for the next day. This way, I know exactly what I am going to be working on the next day and can mentally prepare for all my tasks and projects.

Good Quality Sleep

I also make sure to get a decent amount of sleep. For me personally, 7-8 hours are ideal in order to function well. When times get a bite more busy or I work out very regularly, I even need 8,5-9 hours to feel fully recharged. Find out how much time your body needs in order to feel well-rested. Ideally, you wake up in the morning without an alarm clock. I am still in the process of getting into a rhythm where my body wakes up naturally. I don't always get my perfect dose of sleep but I am trying my best. So after a successful evening routine and a good night sleep, this is how my morning routine start after waking up...

My mindful morning routine

I always try to get up 1,5 hours before I have to leave my apartment. This way, I have more than enough time to wake up properly, stretch, meditate, write into my journal and drink my cup of Matcha latte without any hurry. After waking up at around 6:30-7 am (depending on if I have to go to uni on that specific day or nah), I stretch my back in bed, go to the bathroom and wash my face with cold water.

Oil Pulling & Skin Hydration

Oil Pulling


I then grab my Dental Oil by PureSkinFood (you can use any oil you like, before I tried out this one, I simply used coconut (so good for this practice) or sesame oil (not as good as coconut) and do some oil-pulling for around 10-15 minutes. Oil pulling basically means taking one tablespoon of your preferred oil and swishing and pulling it through your teeth and around your mouth. By doing this, the toxins, bacteria & latent infections of your mouth area are pulled out and into the oil. We harbor an unbelievable amount of toxins in our mouth and because of that, our immune systems are kept quite busy in that region. When we eliminate that energy drain by oil pulling, our immune system can then focus on other things. I started oil pulling about 2 months ago and feel like actually seeing a difference. My teeth look whiter and I feel like my gum isn't as sensitive any more.

Skin Hydration

I then go over to nourishing my skin with this 100% organic beauty oil which is completely natural and vegan (comment if you would like to read about my natural skin care routine in another post!). My skin tends to get really dry, especially after not drinking any liquid for a couple of hours.

In the meantime, whilst flushing the oil around in my mouth and letting my skin absorb the oil, I am cooking some hot water for my morning tea, put on my yoga wear and then jump straight back into bed. Wait, what? Yep, exactly. Stay tuned for the next step.

Daily Gratitude


Morning Journaling

Simply because I like having it very comfortable when start journaling for around 10-15 minutes (lol, who else loves their bed? Let's be real, everyone does. Beds are amazing). I write down what I'm grateful for, what I want to achieve on that specific day and what will make it a good one. For this practice, I am using my Happiness Planner that helps me to set my intentions for the day. I jot down what I am excited about on that specific day and what kind of exercises I will be doing (I am going to the gym 3x a week, on the other days I am making sure to go for at least a 30 min walk and do some stretching). Besides that, I get clear on my main focus for the day and make a schedule for all my tasks and activities. After that, I write a to-do-list and practice some gratitude (on some days, it's the same things but on most days, it's something different since every day holds other blessings that are worth being appreciated).



In the evening, I then reflect on all the good things about my day and write down what I hope for tomorrow. Again, intentions and gratitude. If you are interested in a blogpost about my gratitude practice and how I got into it, let me know in the comments! This is one of the most crucial parts of my mindful morning routine for sure.

After practicing my daily gratitude and setting my intentions for the day ahead, I make my bed and let some fresh air in by opening my windows. I will next go to my kitchen and spill the dental oil into the bin - don't spill it into your sink or toilet since the oil clogs it. Afterwards, I rinse out my mouth with warm water and go over to my yoga mat. I then do my daily stretches that my back and brain just need in order to function properly.

Daily Stretches & Easy Yoga Flow

The right yoga mat - It's your new best friend for mindful mornings!

I love my sustainable yoga mat made out of the natural resource cork that I got via an online shop called SoulZen. I think that the planet pattern I chose is simply beautiful. Since I am a huge believer of the universe, energy, the power of planets and everything spiritual, this has a very special meaning for me. I like playing a yoga playlist on Spotify and then get into a relaxing mode. To be honest, I don't follow a strict routine when it comes to yoga, I basically just do whatever feels right in the moment. I do a simple flow that varies every single time I get on my mat, lots of stretching for my lower and upper back (since I have had severe back issues that started last year during my exam period - mostly stress-related and too little balance for my back) and deep breathing. This practice is all about becoming conscious and slowing down a little before a busy day. I recenter my thoughts and set some intentions for the day. I have a discount code for you guys that gives you 15% off their entire range and it's valid until the 15th of May 2018. Simply use 'SoulZenxLaura' at checkout.


My yoga practice is very simple since I would consider myself a bloody beginner when it comes to yoga. I have attended one class with my friend Jeanette back in LA (check out the post about my trip to LA here) and one in Hannover and that's basically it. But I love getting inspiration for new flows on YouTube and Instagram. However, I actually developed my own flow over time. I just do whatever my body asks for in the very moment of my practice. It mostly consist of light stretches, lots of deep breaths and positive thoughts of gratitude. Whenever I feel in a state of flow, I get the most inspiring thoughts that suddenly star popping into my mind. That's why I always keep a journal and a pencil right beside my mat just in case I get a creative epiphany (sounds so weird but actually happens quite often haha).

Comfy Yoga Wear

I love my comfy yoga pants and yoga bra by a brand called OGNX. So. freaking. soft. I also love their brand philosophy since all their pieces are sustainably produced and the workers are getting paid faire wages + work under good conditions which is an important thing to consider when purchasing clothes. Find out why by watching this documentary.

I feel very honored to work with this brand closely for the second time at the moment and there are even more projects planned in the future so stay tuned for that! ;-) With the discount code 'LAURAxOGNX' you get 15% off your first purchase in their online shop when your purchase is over 25€.


Filtered water

After my yoga session that usually varies between 5-15 min, I re-hydrate my body with at least 0,5-1,0 l of filtered water. For this, I use the magnesium mineralizer by BesserWasser. I love the concept of this brand as all of their products are BPA-free and sustainable. For learning more about what a water filter does and what the benefits are, head over to their website.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Sustainable bottle

I'll just grab a 0,5-litre-bottle of water (usually one of my glass bottles, a zero-waste blogpost featuring my favorite pretty water bottles coming at you soon, promise!)and sip on that whilst getting dressed and  taking care of my skin which is the next step of my morning routine.

When I am about to head out, I rather bring my refillable bottle by 24bottles with me since it's more resilient in my bag than a glass bottle - you never know. I simply fill it up with filtered tab water in the evening and put it into the fridge to stay cold, life hack for hot summer days.

Beauty Routine

Dental Health


I then go over to taking care of my skin and teeth. As a first step, I like to first apply a hydro serum on my face & neck and whilst my skin is absorbing this, I like to brush my teeth. I use a very soft bamboo brush by a brand called Wasserneutral (their tooth brushes are zero waste and you can either order them online or find their brushes at organic supermarkets here in Germany. An international brand would for example be this one) and a vegan toothpaste. I have tried many natural ones so far and this one by a brand called Lebon is by far my favorite one. I am gonna go into more detail about all my beauty products in another blogpost.


After 3 minutes, I usually go and apply a richer product like these structural lipids. Both skin care products are by Ringana, a natural skin care brand from Austria that makes fresh natural, vegan and cruelty free skin care products (besides other products that I love !). Their production is environmentally-friendly and ethical + they even have a packaging return concept which I love! For more information, simply check out their website here. On some days I also use other products as a second step that you can check out at the end of my post where you can also enter a  GIVE AWAY  to win 3 products of you choice!

So keep reading :-).

This simple skincare routine that I followusually doesn't take me longer than 10 minutes since I barely wear any make up, especially when I'm planning to go to the gym a little bit later on that day. However, if I do, this takes me no longer than 5 more minutes and during that time, I  rehydrate my body and listen to some uplifting music on Spotify. I also absolutely loove this Youtube-Channel called Futurism and especially this playlist here. If you are interested in a skin-care blogpost, ALSO let me know in the comments (lol, a lot of feedback from you guys regarding future blogposts required today you guys :-P).

Morning Tea


I then go to the kitchen to make myself a cup of warming matcha tea (my favorite brand ever must be Kissa Tea; their matcha powder is of a really good quality which can sometimes be really hard to find. I have tried quite a few throughout the last couple of months (there are so many shitty versions out there, excuse my french) and this is one of the brands that I always returned to. Having a hot drink within the first hour of the day to have whilst mentally preparing for the day ahead is one of my favorite parts of my morning routine.

For my morning matcha latte, I just cook some hot water (70 degree celsius, not hotter than that), pour it over one teaspoon of matcha powder (I like my matcha very strong, usually half a teaspoon is enough) and mix it very well with either a matcha brush or a little milk brother. I then go and add some stevia and foamy soy / almond /coconut milk (you can use whatever plant milk you like, really) - that's basically it. If you are interested in checking my favorite matcha tea out, you get 10% off your entire order by using the code 'kissa4lauraherde' at the checkout on their website. It's only valid for one order per customer. It's valid until the 31st of July 2018.

After that, I usually go through my to-do-list for the day ahead. I usually prefer to plan my week on Sundays but if there is anything I have to fit into my schedule, I try to do that the evening before and then go through my list in the morning to keep in mind what I want to achieve on that specific day. Journaling also helps with that a lot since I also write all my goals into my happiness planner.


Break-Fast Time

Since I am practicing intermittent fasting (another blogpost about this will also come at you in the future, promise!), I am eating my first meal of the day a little bit later on (it varies between 10am and 1pm). I'm not sure if this can really be considered a part of my morning routine *lol. However, I still wanted to give those of you who eat breakfast a little bit earlier an idea of what it would look like if I included my breaky into my morning routine.


For some breakfast recipe inspo, simply follow me on Instagram or keep waiting until my faves will be featured in another post. :-)

This is what it usually looks like (also featuring the structural liquids by Ringana).

Current supplement


Whenever I am breaking my fast, I also take my supplements that I have also been talking about in this post. Eversince the last post went online, my supplements have slightly changed; I now only take this vitamin B complex supplement by GSE. I feel way less tired in genreal (if I haven't slept too little haha) and my body gets all the vitamin B's in that it needs. This supplement contains all the essential vitamin B's that exist (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 und B12). Pretty amazing, huh?

It's of course vegan, gluten als lactose free. Read more about each vitamin's function in this article.

This is where my morning routine ends. I am doing my best to not check any emails, messages or my Instagram within the first hour of the morning (doesn't always work out but again, there is always room for improvement, right). Some mornings, I do a guided meditation for 10 minutes after doing my stretching and yoga flow. I like using either headspace or calm (both great apps for meditation beginners) or listen to one on YouTube. Again, not every single day. I always feel better when I consciously take the time for it but sometimes I don't feel like it and that's completely fine. No need for perfection, just small improvements every day.

I am very convinced that having a proper morning routine can enhance the quality of your day in so many ways. Back when I didn't follow a certain routine, I always felt like I was wasting a lot of precious time in the mornings. I never really knew what to do next that would benefit my day in any way. Those days when I got up way too late and had to hurry in the morning didn't start any better as you can probably imagine.

I hope this blogpost might help you improve your mornings too and gives you some inspiration to level up your own mindful morning routine. And now...

Let's move over to the Give-Away! :-)

► Skin Care Give Away ◄

As I already mentioned above, Ringana is one of my favorite skin care brands and I am very happy that I have the opportunity to say thank you to you guys for following my journey and especially those reading my blog. I will give away 3 SETS of skincare products to 3 lucky winners in 7 days! These are the products that I personally all love using and that you are able to win your 3 favorites of. I tried and tested them over the past couple of weeks and can honestly say that I love all of them. However, I don't include all of them into my skin care routine every single day. I just mix it up and go with what I feel like every day since everyone has different benefits.


 Here is how you can enter the give away:

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4. Leave your Instagram handle in your comment so I can contact you on there. ✓

The winners are going to receive boxes that are going to include 3 natural & vegan skin care products of their choice.

They can choose from:


I am going to announce the 3 lucky winners in my Instagram Story next week on Sunday. This means so you can still enter within the next 7 days! :-) The Give-Away ends on the 29th of April at 9 pm EST.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my morning routine as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

Good luck to everyone entering the Give-Away! :-)

Love & Light,


/ Thank you to OGNX Yoga, GSE and SoulZen for sponsoring this blog post.  As always, all opinions expressed are unbiased and my own. Please be aware that all featured products are PR samples. However, I did not get paid for featuring these products. I am genuinely loving all the products that I recommend on this website as well as my social media. /

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